Christ Church, Mansa - Zambia
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Correspondence with our link church of Christ the King, Mansa in the Luapula diocese in Zambia
EMail: 19/11/2013
Tuesday, November 19, 2013
Dear Sue,
Thanks for your recent email, well this technology failed me I have to send you the actual copy of the resolutions. In the meantime we had our standing committee meeting on the 9th November where all the members of various committees were ratified. On 16th November we had the first finance committee meeting of which I am a member and we agreed that we should start raising funds for the Diocese as Clergy have now gone without stipends for the past three months!. The activities we agreed to undertake include Braii, Fete, Jumble sale and a golf tournament. We will need your prayers.
I do not know whether I had told you that we were going to have a sports festival for the youth in Chipili from 1-3 November, it was held successfully Chipili got the first prizes for both girls and boys. The second prizes went to Chibaye, Mansa came third.
This Sunday we expecting 30 St veronicas [young mothers] from kitwe they will be with us for fellowship from Friday 22nd. God bless you all Fr. Sylvester

Email 28/6/2013
Email 28/6/2013
Friday, June 28, 2013
Dear Sue
It was good to hear from you. As I have indicated before I depend on intercafe for my mails so sometimes the replies will be coming late. the activitie that will be happening in the Parish are on the latest pew sheet also attached is a picture of Christ the King Parish Church building (see above) with me standing on the right hand with the mothers union. Wishing you all God's blessing. Fr. Sylvester
PS . We have just lost one of a retired Priest in the Diocese by the name of Fr. Mwansa Piyala

Email 7th May 2013
Wednesday, May 08, 2013
Dear Sue,
Greetings from Christ the King Parish. Hope all is well with you we are all well. Easter is gone and the Lord Blessed us greatly am sure the Parish Secretary wrote to you how our celebrations went on. I write to you to show you what activities we have in our Parish as per attached pew bulletin. This sunday all the congregations in the Parish as we are having an enrolment service of Boys Brigade. Stay Blessed Fr. Sylvester

(we are mentioned - see note 11 of the Pew sheet - Ed)

Email from Fr. Sylvester
Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Greetings from Zambia and Christ the King Parish in particular.

As I indicated in my earlier email we had our Parish meeting on 9th Feb. instead of 3rd Feb because of some logistical challenges. I am glad to let you know that out of the 4 congregations in the Parish three were in attendance, the fourth which is about 140km was not in attendance because of communication problems. At this meeting we elected to the Parish council, Mr. Dixon Mudala as Parish Treasurer, Michael Mwale as Secretary, and Alfred Kabaso as vice Secretary. The Parish leaders of various groups were co-opted in such as youth Mothers Union St. Veronica [young mothers] to be members of the Parish council. Lent begins with Ash Wednesday tomorrow, we are going to have a service at Christ the King Church at 17.00hrs. Then as from next week Friday we begin the way of the cross at 17.00hrs for the next six weeks. Palm Sunday that falls on 24 March will be an ecumenical service where all Churches we are in communion will have a joint service at a Church to be chosen by the Interdenomination committee. For Maunday Thursday up to Easter Sunday all the congregations in the Parish will converge at Christ the King for services.

As Christ the King Parish we are in the forefront in organising the Youth in the Diocese. We had a meeting with the youth leaders in Mansa Archdeaconary on 2 Feb. where their role in the Church was explained, Youth and Children policy and a youth fund so that they could be self sustaining. On 23 Feb we go to Chibaye Archdeaconary then later on in March to chipili my former Parish.

At Christ the King Church we have started working on the floor in the Church Hall which has cracks. There are currently four sections and next week we will beging visiting all the homes in order to encourage those who have slaken.

With the other congregations I will be visiting them every two weks with the furtherst once a month because of the distance and transport challenges. We are asking for your prayers and we are also praying for you for the work of God to go forward.

We are in the rainy season and the rains are good so far although farming inputs were distributed late

    well, well I NEED TO STOP NOW i need to go back to the Parish office there might be people waiting for me! God Bless Fr. Sylvester

The church After Fr. Sylvester's induction Service on 14th July. The Bishop is in the middle and he is on the left Part of the congregation
The church After Fr. Sylvester's induction Service on 14th July. The Bishop is in the middle and he is on the left Part of the congregation