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The Mothers' Union (MU) is an organisation of over 3.6 million women and men living in 77 countries who believe in the importance of families. As well as encouraging, and supporting families and marriage, members work to reach out as God's family to those who are isolated, in trouble, or in need of help.
Through fellowship, programmes, policy and prayer, MU members around the world change lives and bring Christ's hope.
St. Mary's Mothers' Union meets on the 4th Wednesday at 2pm in St. Mary's Church hall.
We also have a corporate communion service at 9:30am on the 2nd Wednesday in the Church.
Programme 2014
January 22nd
AGM with a talk "being a Midwife" by Margaret Gibbs
Teas -Rector and Shiela Graham

February 26th 
Members' Afternoon with a Quiz
Teas -  Jenny Jones and Debbie Jewel

March 26th
Richard Hall - Lent Talk & lead worship
Teas -  Rector and Margaret Gibbs

April 23rd
Kathy Miller - “The Neem Tree Trust”
Teas -  Debbie Jewell and Jenny Jones

May 22nd 
Jamie Jamieson - "Five Talents"
Teas -  Debbie Jewel and Diane O’Neill

June 25th
Gaye Lynch - "Guide Dogs for the Blind"
Teas -  Diane O'Neill and Audrie Guthrie
July 23rd
To be arranged
Teas - Debbie Jewel and Jenny Jones

August 27th - 10.00am
Annual Coffee Morning

September 24th
Aggies Weston - “Naval Families Support”
Teas - Diane O'Neill and Sheila Graham

October 22nd
Fiona Densham - "Child Contact Centres"
Teas - Debbie Jewell and Audrie Guthrie

November 26th
Carol Service with Circle of Friends
Teas - Circle of Friends

December 18th
To be arranged